Image of the Artist

I am an interdisciplinary artist with a background in sound and experimental performance. I am particularly interested in the fantastical uncanny and "pareidolic glitch"—how perceptual mistakes permeate every layer of our being. Early in my life, I was deeply inspired by surrealists such as Dorothea Tanning and Max Ernst. Later, I discovered that similar surrealism could be achieved with sound after hearing the mechanically organic designs of Aphex Twin. With the help of artists like Pauline Oliveros, I learned that experiences could be painted by means other than just visual.

Much of my work focuses on communal and socially shared perceptions, using a surrealism-inspired phenomenological framework for examining the ways we communicate with each other. My primary medium is computer-generated sound and video, which are created with programming environments such as Max/MSP, Processing, and Supercollider. By coupling this practice with sculpture, painting, and performance, I seek to provide a holistic, engaging experience to inspire thoughtful civility.

Selected Exhibitions

Rare Effect Vol 3, Arroz Estúdios, Lisbon, PT, October 2022

Tales of the Anthropocene, Boom Festival Envisionary Art Lounge, Idanha-a-Nova, PT, July 2022

Exposed, ArtPort Kingston, New York, US, August 2021

About Then, UMF Art Gallery, Maine, US September 2013


School of Visual Arts, Master of Fine Arts, New York, 2021

University of Maine at Farmington, Bachelor of Arts, Maine, 2014